New OES Weight Room

By Charlie Norgaard

If you’ve ever set foot in the OES weight room, you would understand why only one or two percent of OES students use it. It truly does look like an episode of “Hoarders.”


Dumbbells, barbells, and random weights are so randomly misplaced, it’s miracle to spend an hour in there without severely injuring yourself by rolling an ankle or tripping on some miscellaneous piece of equipment. Meanwhile, dirt, sweat, and Staphylococcus covers every item, creating a notable musky smell. And God forbid there are ever any more than six people working out at the same time; unless you feel comfortable having someone continuously breathing down your neck as they wait for their turn on the squat rack.

Although the OES weight room serves it’s bare minimum purpose, it has long been requested that OES move the weight room to a larger area, and purchase safer and more useable equipment. Fortunately for us, plans have already been set in motion since the opening of the new Lower School.

Dennis Sullivan and the athletic committee are planning to move the majority of the current gym into the bottom portion of the old Lower School. This will include an entirely new weight room with top rate equipment and a workout space nearly five times the size of the current area. Additionally, plans are underway for the new space to include a more spacious locker room, game film analysis rooms, student-athlete study spaces, and several other yet to be determined athletic areas.


The proposed first floor of the new weight room

This will not only enable OES athletic teams to integrate more dynamic workouts into their practices and training sessions, but it will also allow and encourage other athletes and fitness enthusiasts to utilize the OES gym, as opposed to having go to another gym. The new space will potentially change the curriculum of PE classes in the middle and upper school, as it offers an opportunity to implement many more relevant means of physical and fitness based education techniques, rather than classes focused on teaching typical field and court sports.


The proposed second floor (cardio area) of the new weight room

Dennis Sullivan says that the new facility will hopefully be open at the start of the next school year, but there is currently no definite date set.

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