Some things about April 20th you may not have known

By Teddy Siker

April 20th is a day loaded with celebration, sadness, and remembrance.

It’s most known as “National Marijuana Day” and is looked forward to all around the country, especially in states where marijuana is legal. In states like Oregon, California, and Colorado, festivals are held around cities promoting the use of pot. But where there are parades, there are protests. Many individuals who disagree with the legalization of weed stand near recreation with signs of opposition. April 20th encourages the use of weed around the nation which clearly has both positive and negative effects.

Unfortunately, this eagerly awaited holiday isn’t all fun and cheer. On April 20th, 1889 Adolf Hitler was born. He went on to be responsible for eleven million deaths in total in his goal which was to strive for a pure German race. Hitler has been remembered as one of the most evil men ever to live on the planet, and because of this there has been controversy on 4/20. Another reason why some can’t find the heart to celebrate 4/20 is because it’s also the anniversary of the unforgettable Columbine Massacre. On April 20th, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold slaughtered twelve students and one teacher at Columbine High. The two had initially planned to kill five hundred people by planting explosives inside of the cafeteria, then detonating them at lunch period. When the bombs failed to blow, they resorted to using guns. This day was truly heartbreaking for not only parents and relatives of the victims, but all who stood in support, and further taints this day of the year.

While it cannot be denied that April 20th is a day filled with tragic history, it’s cultural significance is growing more and more every year. April 20th should be a day people can look forward to every year as opposed to forgetting the bad about it.