Analyzing the Lyrics of $ki Mask the Slump God

By Asa Brown 

‘Quotation ID’. Those words have haunted us for generations. Exposing the non-readers,  stumping all others, and somehow possibly, Quotation ID’s have a long and dark history.

Preceded by frantic studying and often followed by interims, Quotation IDs are something nobody would expect: a test in English. Many classes in English 9 recently had interims. So, to lighten the mood, I chose to play a different game: Song ID.

The music starts playing. It starts with a man with a high voice chuckling. Then, it delves into a strong beat, but I’m still not quite sure what the song is. Something about wristbands looking like a hitman and Manny Pacquiao’s eyes. Noah, sitting next to me, informs me that the song is by $ki Mask The Slump God (I’m told that spelling is correct). Well, here goes:

In one of his Contemporary American Culture tracks produced on Soundcloud, $ki Mask The Slump God composes a narrative about gang and drug culture in the United States. Within the song, $ki Mask The Slump God raps, “Who that at the front door? Think that that’s a crip man Pay that man the total, no tip man” (Mask [according to Noodletools, the artist’s last name should be mentioned. Is Mask his last name?]). Mask is implying that although he received his shipment of what was probably some form of psychoactive drugs, he will not tip the guy because he is part of a rival gang. Mask alludes that he thinks the man is a ‘crip’, which is Mask’s rival gang. According to AronbTV of, Mask does not like ‘crips’ and chooses not to tip the delivery man. Because of his lack of tip, Mask may make an enemy in this person. However, to Mask, that enemy is worth making due to his dispute with Mask over their differing gangs. Mask’s willingness to make an enemy is indicative of the power and importance of gangs in 21st century America.

DISCLAIMER: This is an example of a pretty terrible Quotation ID, so don’t study from it.

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