Backstage: The 2017 Spring One Acts

By Isabelle Saba

It’s that time of year again! Welcome back to your tri-yearly dose of OES theatre.

The third and final edition to the OES 2016-2017 play series are the Spring One Acts, and they will not disappoint! The One Acts are starting to be fine tuned as “everyone is down with their lines and costumes are looking good!” -Sydney R. Class of ‘20. Not to mention “…a lot of credit to techies working together. Kuddos to them” -Sydney R. Techies have been painting up, fixing, and using Gaff Tape in every way possible (even in very cute dresses! See photo of Haley R. ’18 below). Emily H. Class of ‘17 told me that in her four years of being in Stagecraft “This is the fastest I’ve seen the walls painted.” The tech crew is kicking everything in high gear getting ready as tech week starts Sunday from 9:30am-5pm and continues every night from Monday to Saturday until 10pm (sometimes later).

Haley in pink dress (for Dig)

Unfortunately, “Not a lot of people are teching because either they have sports or they’re tractors [actors who are a part of the stage craft activity]” -Rhea M. class of ‘19. (The whole sports versus theatre situation is another article for another time, so stay tuned!) But fear not! The tech crew works their magic and they “always find a way to finish” -Clementine D. class of ‘17. Clementine continued to describe how she is “really excited and proud of the directors. Everyone should watch the one acts!”

I then seeked out my director, Elise K. class of ‘17, to hear what she had to say. She spoke of how she’s “really excited to see everyone’s hard work come together next week, because there’s been a ton of people working hard – not just actors, but directors, techies, mentors.” One of the hardest working people of StageCraft (and therefore the whole tech side of the One Acts) is Cara S. class of ‘18.

Cara’s realm is “Lights,” which includes meeting with each director to set their light cues, running the lights every performance, and Stage Managing which entails being at every rehearsal, writing all blocking for all three one acts, and being the bridge between the tech crew and the acting crew. “She literally does [just about] everything” -Clementine D. class of ‘17. Cara does so much work in Stagecraft because as she says “…theatre is better than everything. Anyone who has spent any time with me knows I think that” -Cara S. class of ‘18. She also reassured me that “Every single time a show goes on, everyone thinks we [StageCraft] won’t get it done on time, but we finish it and it looks great.” Since Cara has spent so much time watching and working with each One Act, she can be trusted when she says “All the shows are really good.”

So, if you want to see the final product of all this hard work: reserve your tickets at

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