Lock ’em Up

By Daniel Park

Searching “high school” in Google Images results in an array of images, but one of the most common images under “high school” is a hallway with lockers.

Lockers seem to be a must in high school facilities, but OES has a different situation. Lockers are located in several places in OES, the DC hallway, the language wing, and the hallway from the Pit to the library. Interestingly these lockers seem to be mostly unlocked and open to the public. Walking down the DC, I have counted the number of opened lockers: 94 out of 100.

IMG_4147The numbers defeat the purpose of a locker. Why leave your things unlocked in a place to lock things up? Well, not only do most OES students leave their lockers open, but some also don’t use them. I am part of the group of people who do not use my locker. In fact, during my freshman and sophomore year, I didn’t even know where my locker was located. It turns out I wasn’t the only one. There were several people who didn’t even know where their locker was. Well how come?

I went on to ask a couple students about their locker use. Frank C. ‘19 explains, “I don’t use my lockers at all; all my school contents are in my backpack to carry around. I don’t see the use for lockers.” He and other students seem to share similar opinions with Gabe S. ‘17, who says, “I put all my stuff in my backpack. The only time I use my locker is for advisory snacks.”

These two obviously do not represent the entire student body in their locker usage, as there are plenty of students who do lock things inside the lockers. Teddy S. ‘20, one of the writers for The Dig uses his lockers often. However, instead of using it to put his study material, he seems to use it as more of a trash bin where he puts his “old school work.” The students at OES display an interesting dynamic with their usage of lockers. Although there are many people who have not found a way to utilize their lockers, the school is able to provide such lockers for us to potentially use at the very least.

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