My Farewell to Kara

By Jethro Swain

Senioritis has hit me like a 90mph fastball into a brick wall.

VJ tells us in class that senioritis isn’t real and that our 16th and final quarter should be our best quarter, as seniors, which is probably true. However, for me, that’s not the case. I shamefully am trapped in a boxing ring with ‘Laziness’ and ‘Carelessness’, two burly figures who look uncannily like Mayweather and Pacquiao.

One teacher who knows this all too well is Kara, the Dig faculty leader and my english teacher this semester. On Thursday I forgot to print out photos for homework, and was the only one in the class to do so. She noticed that in activity I was “bragging to the dean of students that I hadn’t done my homework.”

Last year, when I first joined the Dig, room 80 was filled with a variety of writers who followed future Hall of Fame Journalist Abe Asher like a shepherd, and were able to pick up on the most drama filled school year the state of Oregon has ever seen in the 2015-2016 school year. Kara seemed to be flourishing in the environment, filling her time with thoughtful and deep conversations with high schoolers during activity, which I’m almost certain is her favorite thing to do.

This year, inside room 80, Kara has held many a discussion about a multitude of topics both serious and sensitive with a room of almost all boys including Colin Bock, Teddy Siker, and Graham O’Connor. I especially admire the fact that she can pester everyone for an article idea over and over every week, and then hear Teddy say, “I’m gonna do an article on 4/20,” and accept the idea with a straight face.

Furthermore, for someone who works in the field of supervising high schoolers, Kara is calm and cooperative. This year when I parked in a spot I shouldn’t have in the lower lot, I unwisely thought it my best option to get out of my Timeback by saying to Kara, “Kara, can I please not do this time back,” thinking I had a shot at success. I was sorely mistaken, but I only had the confidence to attempt that ploy because I knew Kara would laugh it off like the lazy attempt that it was.

Kara leaves for Spain for the last month of the school year very soon, and her last day in class and in the Dig is today (April 28th). So, for lack of another article idea and to distract her from Asa’s article “Analyzing the Lyrics of $ki Mask the Slump God”, I made this article as a farewell to Kara, since I won’t see her next year, as she leaves with her family to Spain. I’ll promise to Kara that if I come back to visit OES, “The Deanery” will be the third maybe fourth place I visit after the field, the new weight room, and the new gym that better be in place in the next five years or the basketball program might as well shut down right now.

For the rest of the year the Dig will be not be supervised by a faculty member, and the dozen of us or so will all try and work together to not fall apart and turn Abe’s first born child, the Dig, into a pile of mush. Join me for the last month and a half of my high school career by reading our articles as I fight senioritis and try to keep the Dig afloat, and say adios to Kara before she leaves and never comes back because she decides that Spain is way more “rad” and “hip” than America.