Saturday is for the Prom

By Jethro Swain

The sun is out, the AP’s have begun, Tennis is about to miss Mt. Hood Climb Service Day for the 70th, give or take one, time in a row, all of which can mean only one thing; it’s prom season.

OES prom is different than most high school proms. Mainly one thing, everyone goes. At bigger high school’s prom is only for upperclassmen and their dates. But, if OES were to do the same then the dance would be about as big as a middle school social, maybe smaller. It’s already hard enough for Prom to compete with the bangin’ tunes and all-around ruckus of OES’ socials, so it needs all the help it can get.

It’s hard not to think that the value of “Prom” is diluted when students can go all four years. It makes waiting for Prom and actually going to Prom less unique. However, it’s simply another tradeoff we sign up for as OES students so that we can go to this school and have nice things like a cart full of snacks wheeled out practically on a platter in the middle of the day.

This year, yet again, Prom is going to be held on a boat that will make sure kids show up on time and stay for the whole dance, a probably necessary tactic by community board. “I liked the boat last time,” said senior Anna K., “It was refreshing to step out and be able to look at the city.”

Right now the weather for May 13th is a 60% chance of rain, which would really put a damper (get it) on things. If everyone is stuck inside the smaller-than-normal dance floor, it’s going to get real hot and real crowded real fast. However, that could transform the usual Prom into everyone being forced to dance for the whole three hours which has never happened. “I’m going to blow a gasket if it rains,” said Emerson L.

Recently, a mysterious Instagram account has popped up titled “oes_prom_asks” which is documenting various Prom asks from all grades. So far Jack S. really knocked it out of the park with his ask, presenting his date Emma F. with an Emerald City Smoothie, and I say that in all seriousness because Emerald City Smoothies are delicious and it fits with Emma’s “vegan” pallet.


“Get there Pete,” said Alex O. after seeing Petie’s ask to Alma on the account.

As for the identity of who is running the OES Prom ask account, no one may ever know. Or, someone may find out and then everyone will know by tomorrow, who knows? I don’t know. Zoe C. acted like she knew, but I know she didn’t actually know.

The Prom asks surely will continue to flow, and the Instagram will continue to show who’s going with who and maybe other stuff too, but probably not.

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