Tyler Green: OES’s Superhuman

by Charlie Norgaard

Most rational people would agree that super humans don’t exist.

However, I know one personally, and he lives right within the OES campus. If the name Tyler Green doesn’t ring any bells, then you obviously haven’t ever been to the OES track, where he is usually demonstrating his impressive abilities. No, he doesn’t have laser eyes, and wasn’t born on the planet Krypton, but he is the next best thing: an ultra runner.

As Tyler explained, “An ultra runner is somebody that runs any race longer than a marathon.” Which, if you don’t know, is 26.2 miles. Tyler however goes the extra mile, and runs mainly 50k and up. If you do the math, that’s a ton of running. In middle school, I used to hear kids complaining about running the required mile, which takes on average 8 minutes; Tyler, on the other hand will run 60-90 miles in a week just to “stay in shape”. Even on the weekends he will go with his friends on “casual” 20 to 40 mile runs around Oregon’s wilderness, just for the fun of it.

Tyler runs at a highly competitive level, amongst some of the nation’s best runners. In fact, he just competed at the “Gorge Waterfalls 100k”, where he placed third amongst more than 100 other runners, and completing the race with a time of 9:29:23. Just to put this into perspective, a 100k is 62 miles, which is nearly the distance from here to Hood River. I just recently was on a bus ride to Hood River, which took me an hour and a half. While I sat there, lethargically eating my cool mint chocolate Clif bar, I could only think of Tyler hustling down the road, chugging shot blocks and liquid gels for nearly 10 hours.

Despite having just run a 100k in April, Tyler already has his next race within his sights: a 100 miler in Colorado. Not only will Tyler run for nearly an entire day, but he will also do it in the Colorado heat and altitude, which cripples most ill-prepared runners.

To even imagine running that distance is unfathomable, but Tyler enjoys every minute of it. He says that “Pain is a place where I can grow.” Like our good friend Tom Handel, he highly encourages people to put themselves in uncomfortable situations. Though ultrarunning is on the extreme side of the spectrum, he says that running has provided him with countless life lessons.

OES is clearly very fortunate to have such an impressive coach. Not just to have the mere presence of his godly calves, but to also have such an inspiring athlete within our program. Is it any wonder that our Cross Country program has had such tremendous success?

Stay tuned for more.

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