Presidential Candidate Statement: Jennifer L

As summer and finals start occupying our minds, so do elections and the shaping of next year.

This year, our student body has felt somewhat voiceless and a little disoriented, questioning the democracy and transparency in the upper school. An immediate change in how our school functions will not present itself unless a stronger and more stable advocacy from StuCo representatives can energize and enable students to make the change they want to see (the great, Gandhi).

Since being my class’s sophomore policy board rep, I’ve chosen this year to focus my energy on my leadership in service. I’ve been lucky to learn from and encourage community members to serve because it’s an honor and responsibility that I find so important to the growth of our community. I look forward to initiating some long-term positive changes to our school. . .

I also want to continue making this position mean something more than just being a gathering silencer. I plan to ask and answer questions like what it means to be an OES student? And how we can organize the student environment to springboard students in their individual pursuits? I am committed to understanding the multifarious perspectives the student body has to offer and delving into the deeper issues that impact you with genuine enthusiasm and positivity.

I look forward to contributing to StuCo as another thoughtful advocate in what would ensure the most captivating year possible.
I’d be honored to have your vote.

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