Presidential Candidate Statement: Nahida M

At OES, I have experienced different aspects of what makes this place unique, and without a doubt it is due to the diversity of our interests, backgrounds, and friendships.

Our experiences and the relationships we develop together at OES, whether in the science lab or on the turf field, in the theater lab or library, make OES special. When years pass, it will be the people we knew and the way we felt that will live in our memories, as the particular spaces fade.

Students are the backbone of OES and our strength lies in our authentic voices and personalities. I appreciate being a part of every aspect of this community, from ISA to Policy Board, from JV soccer and lacrosse to Invent Team. I work hard to create policies that support the student body and advocate for you as part of Policy Board with my work on the Amnesty Policy, creating the Drug and Alcohol Card, and asking for parent partnership to make these things possible.

Advocating for groups of people is a passion of mine and I have done this locally at OES and on the national stage at the United Nations. As a young woman from Afghanistan where female voices like mine are silenced, I have made it my life’s work to make everyone’s voices heard. I do not have an agenda of my own. Instead I am open and ready to hear what you want, and as President will be an ambassador for you with the administration.

Thank you.


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