Presidential Candidate Statement: Pushkar S

As citizens of this community, we have an obligation to engage, to forge relationships with others, and to create positive change.

If we sit passively through our days, drifting on currents that feel out of our control, then we voluntarily forfeit our voice and undercut the ideals we claim to uphold. Only when we realize that there is no distinction between the people and the system can we become the dynamic place that we seek.
Unfortunately, we are in a community that is deeply divided, and this division suppresses engagement from all sides. We need to overcome this divide in order to move forward, and this is where I believe I can make a positive impact. I will seek to catalyze conversations, working with students and faculty to come to positive resolutions and deeper understandings of the issues that divide us. We will not flinch in the face of difficult conversations. We will not censor. We will not shut down. Rather we will confront these issues as one, head on, in the way that we must in order to move forward.
I strongly believe that I have a unique ability to facilitate these conversations. I seek to listen to others, to understand their viewpoints. I possess a strict moral code which guides my decision making. And I believe I have both the analytical skills and the empathy are required for this task.
If you believe in this vision, please join us to make it a reality. Thank you.

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