Presidential Candidate Statement: Rory O

I’m going to be completely transparent– my reason for running for student body president is pretty selfish.

The OES student body is made of about 320 students– each one of whom is an interesting person with unique stories and perspectives. If I’m elected, I’ll have the perfect excuse to engage with and talk to people who I might not get the chance to otherwise.

When I came back to OES from semester school in January, I had just left a tight-knit group of students and teachers where no matter if you were friends with someone, genuine conversations were never off limits. A semester school experience is specific to itself, but OES is a pretty special place and I don’t put that kind of social engagement beyond us.

How do we do this? Maybe at the end of gatherings we do something similar to what we did at culture shock and walk around to find a random person to talk about a given topic with for thirty seconds. I have some ideas. But that’s just me. If elected, I’m counting on conversations with my ~319 intelligent peers to make this happen.

So if I’ve never met you before, I want to learn your name. Shoot me an email or hit me up when you see me in the hallway! Because I think that we’re pretty darn great. And we could be even better if we rub off on each other a little more.

See you around school! 


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