Presidential Candidate Statement: Soren L

During election time, most students ask themselves, “what is it each candidate brings to the table?” However, there is a more pressing question.

Instead of asking how each candidate will fit into the role of president, you should ask yourself how each candidate would change that role. Policy Board, Community Board, and the DC serve our community well. While the president’s work with these groups is necessary, the role could be expanded to better advocate for the student body beyond our hallways.

We have grade representatives for a reason, but the purpose of the president has long been unclear. We need a new vision of the role of the president. A vision that serves you beyond the walls of OES. We need a president that will open opportunities for OES students in the wider world. We need a student leader who can advocate for you to create pathways to internships, volunteer roles, and activist projects. We need a leader who can speak for all OES students in any venue. I can use my unique set of skills to represent you all, not only in policy board meetings, but out in the real world where it is easy for student’s voices to get lost.

Other candidates will have good ideas for OES, but it is my vision past our four years at this school that makes me the right choice for your 2017/18 student body president.

Thank you,


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