The New Blazers Logo

by Asa Brown

Every team needs a logo. A logo should be something that draws pride from those who look at it. Recently, the Portland Trail Blazers changed their logo. The new logo inspires a clean and first feel. But first, some background on the team.

With a backcourt of dynamic scorers in CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard the Blazers are good, not great. However, the Blazers recently added a young center in Jusuf Nurkic who gives them a possibility of a dynasty. With three first round picks in this year’s draft, the Blazers could really solidify their bench. But, after investing huge amounts of money in sub-par players (see Meyers Leonard for 4 years, $41 million) things look bleak. The Blazers have reached the classic NBA paradigm. They don’t have enough talent to win it all, and they aren’t bad enough to secure lottery picks to improve.

But there is optimism in Portland. The fact that the Blazers can run with the Warriors in the first round gives the team optimism. Although the Blazers had a disappointing season, there is reason for hope.

Now back to their logo. Here is the logo they used for the 2016/17 season:


It is a good logo, but it doesn’t seem to bring out a sense of youth and promise. It is certainly less testosterone than other NBA logos, but the font looks very 2000s. Also, the swirl, which is supposed to be five on five, represent ‘the flow of the game’ looks more like the underside of a lawnmower. Finally, here is the new logo:

Portland Trail Blazers

My first impressions are generally good. They didn’t change anything huge, with the exception of switching the colors on the swirl and getting rid of the whole parallelogram look. The font looks better without having to constrain to the parallelogram’s wishes. In general, it looks clean and fresh.

Overall Grade: A-

Good job, Blazers