Mission Rep Candidate Statement: Ellie C

Civics Mission Rep

Ellie Chang Candidate Statement

My name is Ellie Chang and I would love to be your 2017-18 civics representative. I am highly qualified for this position due to my previous involvement in JSA and current commitment to the OES debate team. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the activities that OES has to offer, but there are a couple issues that I’d like to address. One of the most important problems we have is lack of funding and support for the groups within the civics category. This means the expansion of these intellectually challenging activities is limited, as are the opportunities for us to participate in events and competitions outside of our OES community. I think the importance of these activities are under-appreciated, especially in such an academically driven school. The skills learned from these civics based activities are extremely applicable beyond four years at OES. If you choose to elect me as your mission rep, I plan to advocate to increase the budget for not only speech and debate but all other civics activities, as well as be someone you can easily talk to about your ideas, opinions, and wishes. When I first heard of the mission representative positions last year I had no idea who the reps were and what their role was in the community. I would like to change that and be someone who is still greatly active in the civics activities even as one of your mission reps. Thanks for your consideration!