Mission Rep Candidate Statement: Rachel P

Service Mission Rep

Rachel Pippenger Candidate Statement

I’m Rachel Pippenger, and I am running for the Service Mission position. I’m sure you have seen me in Gathering making an announcement about Project Second Wind or some other SLAC-related event. I have also lead groups to Whitford, delivered gifts for the Giving Tree program, and worked on the Midwinter Madness committee. I have learned that service learning isn’t completing a mindless task to get a form signed. It’s reading a book to a little girl who is bound to a wheelchair, who can’t verbally communicate—who probably never will—but you know how happy she is by the giant smile on her face. It’s handing presents to low-income families during the holidays, crafting alongside adults with developmental disabilities, and cooking meals for those who are hungry. Service has affected my life profoundly, and I will bring this spirit with me to Policy Board, where I will work with other representatives to incorporate service into the OES community in a more personal way. I will strive to represent the interests of all OES’s service-based activities and make communication a priority. Whether you tutor bright young students, foster the relationship between OES and Beaverton High School, or work tirelessly to put on events for worthy causes, you have the chance to make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you, and I hope to receive your vote for Service Mission representative.

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