Mission Rep Candidate Statement: Sara B

Arts & Lit Mission Rep

My name is Sara Barkouli, and this past Culture Shock, in collaboration with a peer, I led a workshop discussing the tone, clarity, and implications of some of our current policies at OES. Running that workshop truly opened my eyes to the subjective and sensitive nature of working with and talking about policy—and with this information, I have decided to run for the arts and lit. representative position on policy board for the 2017-2018 school year. Having been in eight plays, served on the Echoes leadership team (and won two Echoes awards), been a member of yearbook, and played the ukulele for almost two years now, I know I can adequately represent every group that falls under the arts and lit. category. Theatre has taught me the valuable skill of speaking up for myself, and through writing I have learned how to carefully form my ideas and communicate them effectively. Arts and lit. groups: with your vote, I will advocate for the arts in a school where STEM subjects are so often at the forefront of our education. Also, I will maintain constant communication with the groups that I am representing, eager to hear your ideas and fight for what changes you want to see at OES. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you!


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