Mission Rep Candidate Statement: Simran J

Civics Mission Rep

Simran Jhooty Candidate Statement

Civil discourse, the art of argumentation, informative writing: this is what forms the foundation upon which our society is built. At OES, these proficiencies are embodied in our Civic activities, and I, Simran Jhooty, am humbled to be running for your student mission representative for Policy Board in the 2017-2018 school year. Over my two year tenure as part of the Speech and Debate team, I saw, first hand, what the product of motivated students and an opportunity can be. Now, I am running in order to further elongate and advance the civic program at OES. Here’s the thing; I can’t promise that I will be able to increase funding tenfold for all our activities. I can’t guarantee that all raised concerns will have solutions. However, I can assure you that I will serve as a liaison between members of our student body and the Student Council, as well as faculty and staff. I can guarantee that I will listen and fight for you, no matter what the circumstances. I am not going to overstate the role of a Mission Representative, stating an unreachable ideal so often portrayed in the election cycle, but I will be frank. If you vote for me, I will attempt to address your concerns. I will be willing to tackle difficult problems. I will be your advocate. And for these reasons, I would be honored if you cast your vote for me come election day. Thank you!