Summertime Madness

by Daniel Park

With summer right around the corner, Portland has received a sneak peak at some nice, crisp weather, seeing temperatures ranging from the 90s to the high 80s.

As we anxiously wait for summer it seems that OES students are on their toes trying to get the most of the weather. Now it is not uncommon to see OESians sitting outside or on the grass to eat lunch, or to see people throwing frisbees or footballs around. Because there was no way I would let such good weather go by during my free block, I played basketball along with Andrew C. ‘19 and Jethro S. ‘17 for half an hour. Only half way through my free block however, I learned it wasn’t such a good idea to play sports under the blazing sun, and by the end of the free block I found myself hurrying to English 11 and needing to teach a class (as an assignment). Not only was I a little fatigued from basketball, but I was sweating out all the water I drank that day, pouring buckets. It was the same for Jethro as he commented multiple times during the small game how much he is sweating.

Despite this, many students continue to conduct physical activities under the sun. Some students even joined in a football game the PE class played. It is evident that many students enjoy partaking in physical activities during their free time at school. Alex F. ‘17 comments, “It’s great going out and hanging with the boys.” He and his friends can often be seen playing football near the dormitory grass area.

Not only do students go out during their free times to enjoy the sun, but the teachers also want to get themselves some fresh vitamin D. There have been several times where I see classes held outside and under the sun. During my Spanish III class, Dana even allowed us to practice some Spanish speaking while walking under the sun. Perhaps having rain and clouds for 3 seasons just makes us crave nice sunny weather even more.

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