Discussing the Future of the DC

by Colin Bock

This week on the Dig I profiled several members of next year’s Honor Council (previously known as the Discipline Committee).  

This name change can be contributed to the new School Policy, dubbed the Honor Code. In an interview with sophomore representative Rachel P., she stated, “the Honor Code will change the Discipline Committee into the Honor Council.  While this seems like nothing more than a name change, it really has a significant impact on the DC. Our role isn’t—or at least shouldn’t be—to hand out punishments to those who have made mistakes.”  This suggests that the Honor Council has shifted its focus from discipline to more “teaching” moments, if you will.

As an outsider, one might believe that the DC would be subjective, and understandably so— it’s a group comprised of peers making a decision about you.  This is not the case, however.  In speaking to Junior representative Pushkar S., “the discussions are framed around this point of view.  This is why the DC works on a case by case basis, using its discretion to recommend courses of action to the head of school that it believes will help those involved move forward.”  Furthermore, in addition to reviewing cases deemed worthy of review, the Honor Council plans to bring insight.  New member SkyCat H. ’20 has a similar point of view on the name-change as well.  He claims, “I hope to bring experience and a fresh point of view.  I have had experiences online with running an online forum.”  

From what I’ve been able to gather, the Honor Council plans to bring a fresh viewpoint and approachability; their goal is to work with the students and not against them.  If the students are capable of deciphering the honor code and determining right and wrong, the Honor Council is responsible for assessing the situation and determining if a situation is worth discussion.