Farewell to Faculty: Alana Kaholokula

by Asa Brown

In 2010, Rick Rees, head of the English found Alana Kaholokula, a young English teacher who hoped to be at OES for a while.

According to Alana, she came in “at a time of transition at OES”. OES was at a point where many of their faculty would be retiring in the next few years. Alana was brought in to bring a young perspective to the faculty, and, perhaps more importantly, teach English.

And that was one of Alana’s favorite parts. “They were open to change.” After Alana, and many other faculty were brought in to bring youth to OES, the next generation of teachers here at the Upper School was solidified.

But life never goes exactly according to plan. Alana’s best friend had a child up north in Seattle. Alana was named the godmother. After repeatedly making a three hour commute every weekend, Alana realized that it made more sense for her to live in Seattle, closer to her goddaughter and other friends.

She began to look for schools and jobs similar to what she had OES. She found the University Preparatory School and applied. University Preparatory School is very similar to OES. At grades 6-12, it has about 500 students.

Alana will continue to inspire her students, somehow relating to their teenageisms in a unique way, the same way she did at OES. And although I am worried about University Preparatory School students’ use of passive voice, I am sure they will become better writers as soon as she shows up.

But Alana may not retain one of her favorite parts of OES: leading the ISA activity. Just down the hall from the Dig, ISA does it all, from discussing issues to planning Culture Shock, ISA does it all. ISA also has a great snack calendar, much better than the Dig. Alana has it working like a well-oiled machine, having not one but two students bring snack each week. Alana has an unwavering loyalty to ISA, choosing to lead them over getting interviewed by the yours truly.

Whether leading ISA or teaching English, you will be missed Alana.

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