Farewell to Faculty: Deri Bash

by Isabelle Saba

Back in April, I called dibs on this article, not only because Deri interviewed me during my OES Admission process back in July 2016 and I wanted to see what an inverse interview would be like, but because Erin has been my good friend since the Fall of my Freshman year and I have developed a strong bond with both Deri and Erin.

Seeing Deri move on and Erin attend a year of school abroad in Spain will be undoubtedly difficult. I think Cara S. perfectly encompasses Erin as a person when she says that “…as a stagecraft person her dedication, hard work, and leadership will be hard to replace.” Cara continued to appreciate Erin saying “…it’s nice how she can have both light hearted and fun conversations, as well as more serious ones.”

Erin is the pinnacle of being an OES kid; she has exceeded in her academics since Pre-K and has even lived in the dorms from 2005-2009 while Deri was a dorm parent working as the tech coordinator. Deri described OES as a “…playground for Erin.” He recounted a time when Erin was around 6 or so and went to a playground in Mcminnville and bragged to the older kids how “‘I have four playgrounds and this one is okay.” Erin has truly made OES into her second home and for that we will miss her terribly while she goes on to a magnificent program abroad.

Deri was described as “…hardworking…and played a big role for the entire school. He’s a crucial part in how this community was shaped,” says Sarah S.

Deri explained that he, “fell into Student Council by accident and I really enjoyed working with them and that’s given me new life as an administrator.” He has seen how much they’ve changed and changed our school. According to Deri, “Student Council used to be made up of a typically male President, a Vice President, a male Treasurer, a female Secretary, and a representative from each grade.” Deri has helped create and implement the new election system with runoff voting, which has entered its third year this year. He has also seen Student Council embrace the idea to generate fun activities to engage students in inclusive ways.

In his seventeen years at OES Deri has undertaken the following jobs:

  • Math teacher
  • Science teacher
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Girls Volleyball Coach
  • Tech Coordinator
    • Similar to Ed Cecere’s job
  • While he was a tech coordinator he was a dorm parent
  • Dean of Residential Life
  • Assistant Head of Upper School
  • Currently has a dorm family, but does not work the hours of a dorm parent

Deri said that his favorite thing about OES is “the quirkiness [and] when students can do something to be bold, funny, original, and not at the expense of other people.” One annual event in particular is the Senior Prank. Deri has been the subject of a lot of Senior Pranks and they’re all in good fun, he told me. He motioned to a corner in his office with bleached sticky notes hanging off the window; he explained that every vertical surface of his office was covered in yellow sticky notes. When the Seniors cleaned up their prank, Deri asked them to leave that corner covered in the sticky notes.

The student body has certainly left an imprint of Deri as he treasures many memories from the OES community and student artwork in his office. Deri told me that he has been shaped in so many different ways by the people, the teachers, the students, the program, the values of OES, and the type of education that we receive. Deri has definitely been a huge, positive impact in creating the wonderful OES lifestyle that we live daily. Deri: you will surely be missed by everyone here at OES. Thank you for all you have done.

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