Pepsi vs. Coke

by Teddy Siker

Besides the Apple v.s. Microsoft and Red Sox v.s. Yankees rivalries, there’s an arguably more infamous competition: the battle between Pepsi and Coke.

I asked twenty five students, all ranging in grades from ninth to twelfth to get the OES feel on their soft drinks. Which soft drink is superior in the upper school, the crisp, refreshing taste of Coca Cola or the sweet bite of Pepsi?

Out of the twenty five students interviewed, twenty of them preferred Coca Cola. Unfortunately for Pepsi, only two people said they preferred the less popular Coke drink, where three students had no preference/didn’t like either.

First, let’s dissect why people enjoyed Coke more than Pepsi. A class of 2020 student, Asa B., argues, “Pepsi is kind of a dessert, where Coke is a refreshment. When I drink soda, I do it to be refreshed.” This was the most profound thing I’ve ever heard Asa say. Soren L., a student body presidential candidate who is in the junior class of 2018, likes Coke because of “The heritage I guess.”

I thought it was interesting that a student preferred a brand over another for the history, not just the taste. Similar to Soren, Kennedy B., class of 2020, likes Coke not for the taste, but because “They’re partnered with FIFA. They’re real, Pepsi is fake.”

There weren’t many arguments for Pepsi, as only two students said they prefered it. One bold Pepsi supporter was Matt L. in the class of 2020, who said he liked Pepsi because it “Rhymes with leprosy.” I wasn’t completely sure if Pepsi actually rhymed with leprosy, so I decided to trust Matt. Sahil V, class of 2018, has quite the sweet tooth, “I rarely drink soda, so when I do, I want a sugary swig.” This contradicts Asa’s statement, but both have their points.

My opinion sides with Coke. I think their brand is more refreshing and crisp, whereas Pepsi is like eating a piece of pie. However, Pepsi does have its moments, and we all should learn to appreciate a soda in the first place.