And More…

by Daniel Park

In stark contrast to the Dig Editor, Jethro S. ’17, who pumps out articles consistently, I am perhaps one of the least prolific dig writers in the activity.

And for such a lack of productivity, I have earned myself the position of the “and more” section in the Dig email. Every Friday, one of the dig editors will send out an email featuring the articles for that week. The most important articles will receive a hyperlink for OES students to quickly get access to.

However, for the more unfortunate writers, they only get their article titles featured in the email. No hyperlinks. Moreover, if you reach my level, not only do you not get a hyperlink, you don’t even have a title for your article. Thus, you become a part of the “and more” section. Due to this categorization it may be hard for the 1% (or less) of the OES student body who actually read my articles to find my “intriguing” pieces.

I decided to face one of the editors face on and ask why I am part of the “and more…” section. Jethro S. simply replied “Because having the ‘and more’ section allows for students to dive deeper into the dig and discovers more articles that interests them.” He sugarcoated the “and more” section in an effort to make me feel better.

However, I will prove Jethro and the editors wrong. I will write up one of the most interesting articles that the Dig has ever seen in its lifetime and show that I am worthy of a hyperlink. I will no longer write trivial pieces like my “It’s gone bananas” piece, or my “mukbang” piece. I will mark my start with this article, setting foot on a journey which tells the OES student body that I am capable. This will be all possible as long as Thomas H. doesn’t put this article in the “and more” section in his email…