Colin’s Annual Finals Tips

by Colin Bock

Rule #1: Always Study more than you have to! Finals are meant to be a cumulative collection of all you’ve learned throughout the year.  In order to uphold that knowledge, always study more than you think you should.

Rule #2: Meet with your teachers. Always seek out a few teachers from the classes that you’re most worried about and review with them.  By seeking them out this shows them that you care and that you’re trying your best.

Rule #3: Budget your time appropriately. While constant studying may seem like the way to go, taking breaks can be vital to your mental health before taking the final.  While this may be contradictory as I previously said you should study more than you think, this includes taking reasonable breaks and planning when to study what.

Rule #4: Review with a group. Not including teachers, group review can be vital for all who participate.  One example of a time to partake in such is this Sunday where the DC will be filled with teachers for review.  You can also find some of your classmates who might be doing a little better than you are.

Rule #5: Get 8+ Hours of sleep EVERY NIGHT. The only way that you can put yourself over the top after studying religiously is taking care of yourself.  In addition to getting 8 or more hours of sleep every night, you should always eat a healthy, protein-filled breakfast.

Rule #6: Set forth motivation. Always set goals for success and plan your successes accordingly.  Remember that these finals can be game-changers and can ultimately shape your GPA.

Rule #7: Be calm, don’t feel any pressure. Writing in pencil should be in your muscle memory, there’s nothing to fret.  While these exams do shape your GPA, you shouldn’t worry as you’ve been preparing all year.

Lastly, look forward to summer! There’s no reason to not think about the inevitable summer break and there’s no reason you should put studying off any longer.

Furthermore, I wish you all best of luck with your final exam endeavors!

-Colin Bock