Ice Cream Drop

By Teddy Siker

At the end of the year, the annual ice cream drop takes place. This event is fun to watch for all–but what do the siblings participating in the event think?

This year, there were many siblings taking on the fun, so I decided to select two pairs and ask them about their experience with the annual ice cream drop. Both Eben (class of 2017) and Maud R. (class of 2020)  were asked, as well as Jillian (class of 2020) and Belle Scott (class of 2017).

The seniors were given ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce to drop in a bowl placed on their younger siblings head. The goal was to get as much ice cream in the bowl as possible, but many seniors intentionally miss to poke fun at their sibling.

“You’re not my sister anymore,” said Jillian S. to her sister immediately after having chocolate ice cream dumped on her head. “I only agreed to do it because I was told it wouldn’t be messy. I was lied to,” she continued in a positive spirit. Watching the drop myself, it became clear that her sister did not hold back as whipped cream and chocolate sauce seemed to intentionally miss the bowl. Her sister Belle told Jillian “We won,” right after the drop, slapping a competitive theme on the fun. Unlike Jillian, Belle thought it was “the perfect way to end the year.” Both Jillian and Belle had a good overall attitude towards the event, which was good to see.

Another pair of siblings who participated were Maud and Eben R. Maud, a freshman, said she enjoyed the experience overall, but told her sibling, “You suck at aiming,” which was very evident since she was covered head to toe with chocolate sauce and whipped cream by the end of the event. She said she wasn’t forced to participate, but rather was willing to in spirit of her brother graduating.

Eben said he had a fun experience with the event, and even ate some of the ice cream after along with Henry B., a fellow freshman.

The ice cream drop is an anticipated event in the upper school because of it’s creativity and amusement. As a freshmen, watching ice cream being dumped on kids was incredibly entertaining. Along with the feelings of euphoria, it also made me feel nervous, as my brother Vaughan S., junior class of 2018, will be graduating next year. He has already put pressure on me to participate. I can’t wait to see more ice cream being dropped on siblings in the future.

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