Policy Board Candidate Statement: Graham O

My name is Graham O’Connor, and I am running for the Senior Policy Board position.

Here at OES, we’re fortunate enough to have a fantastic community that not only prepares us for a higher education, but also teaches us strong interpersonal skills and ways to connect/create/commit/explore (yeah, I went there).
Unfortunately, we don’t always set up our students for success. The student handbook is hidden away on the website, the rules are too narrow and are sometimes ignored in discipline cases, and most students simply don’t know what is and is not a violation of our community norms.
 If elected to Policy Board, I will not only help modify the Upper School handbook to better reflect the needs and wants of the student body, I will also ensure that the OES handbook is taught in Aardvark 101. I’ve noticed a pattern at OES where rules are only addressed once they have been broken – I believe things could be done another way. By teaching students the essential rules in Aardvark 101, we can guarantee that every student knows the expectations and can be held accountable.

Additionally, I will assist President-Elect Jack Morningstar in implementing a more realistic and fair rule system. I am aware that the Honor Code has raised some concerns amongst the student body, and I would like the opportunity to take your concerns and turn them into a ruleset that can work for everybody.

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