Policy Board Candidate Statement: Jennifer L

After the presidential elections, I am not disappointed with the results, but ecstatic.

One door’s closed, and another one’s opened for a reason. I’m running for the 2018 policy board representative  because I still want to diminish indifferences one might feel at OES. We, seniors,  only have one year left to create some sustainable change. So now is more important than ever for in-school engagement and student leadership. To achieve some goals of ours, the seat on policy board would expedite the resolution of the issues concerning you like consistent grading, work overload, theater/arts equality, and comfortable, open spaces and discussions, etc. To visualize the execution, I plan to lead, alongside other students, conversations with the faculty. My platform is solely dependent on the diversity and inclusion of your individual voice. If that sounds interesting, I look forward to speaking with y’all more.

 Your fellow OESian,