Policy Board Candidate Statement: Nahida M

In the last weeks, I have sat back and listened to many students complain about the negatives of OES.

While I share some of those frustrations and applaud those people for having the courage to speak their minds, I think there are ways to approach these problems and build a relationship with the administration that lets us solve the issues rather than just pointing them out. As a Rep on Policy Board this year, not only do I already know the system through which we can bring change, but I have also have established ways in which to communicate students’ concerns to the administration. For instance, I am proud to have worked on the OES Amnesty Policy regarding alcohol and drugs, which was eventually passed in the OES handbook. To insure students’ safety, I then worked on the Alcohol and Drug card. In order to implement this work I spoke with parents, asking the them for a parallel partnership with the School Amnesty Policy because with no partnership, this policy would not make any difference.

I am determined to serve and represent the class of 2018 on Policy Board. During my presidential candidacy I mentioned that whether I become president or not, I will continue to serve OES. In order for me to make a difference, I need to be on Policy Board, so please give me that opportunity to solve issues rather than point them out to you.