The Oregon Eating Society

by Charlie N. and Andrew C.

Meet OES’s new food critic panel.

Portland, Oregon, one of the largest food capitals of North America, is filled to the brim with culinary culture; from nationally known restaurants to hole-in-the-wall gems such as Tokyo Grill. But within the vastness of the Portland food scene, how could us Oesians possibly navigate the good from the garbage restaurants?  That’s why a few of us Dig writers have taken the liberty of creating a new acronym for OES: Oregon Eating Society.

After weeks of discussion and consideration, the editors have decided to select a panel of its very own food critics. The Oregon Eating Society will be lead by myself, and staffed by writers Trevor J., Jack M., Nicholas C., and supervised by Thomas H. and Charlie N. Each of our critics have extensive experience and training within the culinary field. Charlie and I, alone, have spent countless hours watching the techniques of top chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Action Bronson, studying their cooking techniques and calibrating our palettes to absolute perfection.

It is our mission to present you with the highest quality reviews possible. We have noticed a strong deterioration in other food reviews and a strong increase in drama-based food shows; and as food critics, it is our top priority to remedy this matter as best we can. With the likes of Iron Chef America and Chopped, our responsibility is to provide an honest, straight-forward and matter-of-fact opinion.

The Oregon Eating Society plans to present you a food review which includes our ranking from 1-10 on both the food quality, restaurant atmosphere, the best items to choose from the menu, and whether or not we deem the quality of the food worth the price. We plan to release a food review every week, however it really depends on how much money we can scrape together, since the administration doesn’t seem to think we deserve school funding for whatever reason. Following a full trimester of food reviews, we will publish our FPI (Food Power Index) rankings, which will include our top five restaurant picks based on price and quality.

Also, since we are doing the OES community a great service by providing such valuable reviews and information, we are opening a “gofundme” page so that OES students and parents can fund the Oregon Eating Society. That way we can consistently publish quality food reviews for the sake of the public good. It’s pretty much a service learning project in itself. If you do choose to use your power for good, and fund us, you will get a shout out in the next article – it’s a win-win opportunity. In addition, if you would like us to review any specific style of food, restaurant, bakery, etc. feel free to let us know, and we will make it happen. Please understand that as your requests become more expensive, the need for donations will increase, so if you’d like us to review the top restaurants of Portland, you better be increasing those donations big time!

We look forward to publishing our first set of reviews next week, and receiving feedback and recommendations from the community… and hopefully your money too.


Gofundme link:

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