What Is It Like To Have A Faculty Member As A Parent?

by Jonah S.

Here at OES, there are a wide range of professions that students’ parents have. However, only a handful of students have parents that work at OES.

I had the opportunity to interview Milo K. (2020) and Connor M. (2021) about what it is like to have a faculty member as a parent.

According Milo, son of Upper School Head Asha Appel, his interactions with his mom at school tend to be very brief and most of their conversation is had at home. When Connor sees his mom, Kara Tambellini (Service Learning Coordinator), he tries to “keep it the way a student would normally talk to a teacher.” Usually, Connor does not mind a display of affection from his mom, “when [he] is not talking to his friends or at school.”

For both Milo and Connor, one of the main challenges they have as a child of a faculty member is the hours that they have to spend at school. Both Milo and Connor arrive at school at least 20 to 30 minutes before first block. Additionally, Milo stays at school until 5:00 p.m. everyday, while Connor is always waiting for Kara to “finish up one last email,” or “check in with Deb one more time.” At least they both get some extra time to get some homework done.

Although spending many extra hours at school can be challenging, having a faculty member as a parent can also be advantageous. Milo told me that the main perk of his mom being a faculty member is the reduced price of his tuition. Whereas Connor appreciates how he “gets to know teachers better,” receives advice on how to be a successful student, and gets many service learning opportunities.

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