14 Questions with The Editors

By Alma Nye and Skylar Killian

What’s your bedtime routine?

T: *Charlie, you gotta come over here buddy I need help*

C: “I always eat a banana before I go to sleep – eat my banana, fold my clothes for the next day, brush my teeth, floss, brush my retainer and put that on, then it’s bedtime at 9:00.”

What do you do before the big game?

T: “Can we go to the next question?”

C: “I always eat a banana with a five hour energy, I have a deep stretch while listening to Vince Staples.”

Strangest place you’ve ever been and why?

T: “Right here right now talking to you, because you just asked me what my lucky underwear are”

C: “The locker room at a British international school in China. I was there because I was living there for 6 months. In the locker room.”

Embarrassing moment

T: “The second this interview goes out.”

C: “It’s one big jumble of embarrassing moments”

Worst wardrobe malfunction?

T: “Accidently wearing my NOLS sweatshirt for six months in a row.”

C: “I look good all the time.”

How are you doing?

T: “I’m confused”

C: “I’m uncomfortable”

Shoe size?

T: 11

C: 10.5

What’s your spirit vegetable?

T: French fries

C: Trevor Jones

Spirit teacher?

T: Art ward is my spirit animal


Could you beat your spirit teacher in a fight?

T: “No, not a chance.”

C: “Absolutely not.”

How would you rate your cooking skills?

T: “I make a mean top ramen.”

C: “Oh, best in the school no question. Particularly with bananas.”

Strangest Dream?

T: Escaped an atomic bomb by lying in a refrigerator for a year, “oh and there was food in the refrigerator”

C: I met Sloth from the Goonies.

Weirdest quirk?

T: “He’s a pretty vanilla guy” – Kara Tambellini

C: “Lack of emotion” – Thomas Hochman

What’s your sign?

T: Scorpio

C: Capricorn

Thank you to all those who submitted questions for us to ask!