An Update From Policy Board

by Simon Hatcher

As students navigating the halls of the US, we commonly hear the refrain “Policy Board does nothing” bouncing between frustrated students. As the chair of Policy Board, this frustrates me and gets me thinking about one question: how can we increase transparency and show students that, rather than sitting around, we actually keep busy for all of activity and even beyond?

By writing this article, I hope to begin a weekly (or, more realistically, bi-weekly) series that keeps you, as a student thirsting for PoBo-related information, informed about our work. With that said, let’s get into it.

We’ve started the year out strong in terms of projects, with our current priority #1 being a draft of trivia guidelines. Our goal is to avoid incidents like last year’s by making sure students know what’s appropriate for gathering. That said, we cannot allow this excellent opportunity for student independence and expression to be made insincere by teachers vetting questions beforehand. We’ve considered these criteria, finished a proposal, and plan to implement it as soon as possible. Expect a discussion in class meetings.

In addition, since it’s the beginning of the year, we’ve been discussing all the projects we are interested in tackling. In the realm of larger projects, we’ve discussed the honor code (and how to create a culture around that) and free expression (and its role/importance in the US). For smaller (a relative term) projects, we’ve discussed streamlining the lunch meeting schedule, facilitating independent studies, creating new spaces for students in Ferris Hall, advancing efforts to be more sustainable as an upper school, and, of course, increasing transparency so you know what’s going on on PoBo.

Now, with your thirst for knowledge satiated, I hope you carry on with your day feeling warm inside with the knowledge that your PoBo rep is working hard behind the scenes on your behalf. And, of course, if you have any questions, reach out to him or her.


Simon Hatcher

Policy Board Chair