Dr. D, The Origin Story

by Andrew Carpenter

How much do you know about Spaceman Spiff? Or Clark Kent? Or Deri Bash? Because no matter what you think you know, Dr. Gregory Drugan is the coolest.

Whether or not you have taken a class from the esteemed Dr. Drugan, you have no doubt heard of the newest edition to our exceptional math department. The thirty-four year old Dr. Gregory Drugan, formerly Gregory Drugan, grew up as one should, loving math and everything about it. A well-rounded man, Drugan got his Masters of Science from MIT, Bachelors of Science from University of Texas at Austin, and earned his name Dr. Drugan with a PhD at University of Washington.

After graduating from some of the top schools in the country, our doctor taught for a couple years at University of Washington in Seattle and then for two years at U of O, teaching calculus and differential geometry. For our less mathematically inclined readers, differential geometry, as defined by google, is “a mathematical discipline that uses the techniques of differential calculus, integral calculus, linear algebra and multilinear algebra to study problems in geometry.” Following his time at U of O, Drugan applied for jobs at Reed College and our own OES, wanting to work closer to his wife who at the time was employed in Portland. Fortunately he did not hear back from Reed and thus made the journey to join us here at OES. Since making the transition, Drugan has felt that the “tight knit community here is pretty cool” and that he’d “rather teach calculus here.”

Since he started teaching here, Drugan’s students have given nothing but praise. Abe H. ‘19 firmly believes that Drugan “made math fun,” while Ava C. ‘20 “loves him” and appreciates that “you can always talk to him.” As Drugan builds the favor of the students, he also builds his reputation as one of the smartest people at OES, although a lot of people seem to think that it is of the utmost importance to inform me that his wife works with salmon.

For those of you who attend chapel, you will fondly remember the speech that Dr. Drugan gave in chapel about three weeks back. In the last chapel before the Holy Cross chapel, Drugan stood up, in front of the entire student body, and delivered one of the most heartfelt and impactful speeches of my memory. Now while I may have a deserved reputation for not paying attention, I can say that after two full years of nearly perfect chapel attendance, this speech was by far one of the more intriguing and captivating that I have witnessed. Drugan spoke of a sunny afternoon in Cambridge, MO. Drugan was sitting in a public park playing his guitar. As he was playing, he was approached by a man with a questionable mental state who “didn’t have his wits about him.” As conversation ensued, the man gave a piece of advice that has very evidently impacted Dr. Drugan greatly. The man told him to “listen to those who listen to you.” For Drugan, this event was a very “impactful and mystical experience,” that has exhibited the joy of humanity.

It seems clear that OES is incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Drugan as one of our venerated math professors. It would be to the benefit of everyone to attempt to take one of his classes while at OES, or at the very least, strike up a conversation about absolutely anything, and get to know our very own Dr. Gregory Drugan a little more.