Oregon Eating Society: The First Verdict Is In

by Nicholas Chang

When we walked into the shop, we found that the menu mostly revolved around donuts — unbelievable.

Krispy Kreme, a donut shop approximately 15 minutes from OES, is an American company and coffeehouse chain known nationwide. We ordered half a dozen glazed and half a dozen chocolate donuts, and it was go time.

The glazed donut, while only 190 calories, seemed like a standard donut — a thin layer of glaze covering a light, yet appreciably fluffy donut. The flavor of the glaze was rich, sweet, and had a nice texture; nothing to write home about, but we were pleasantly surprised, with initial reviews ranging all the way from “huh” to “oh okay.”

While the donuts were good, the bathrooms were a completely different story. For one thing, the words, “punk rock 4 eva” were scratched into the top of the toilet seat. While I can appreciate the occasional pop culture reference, we all know punk rock hasn’t been relevant since the 80s. One point off. What made matters worse was the word “politics” was written into the urinal. Ridiculous. Along with the vandalism, the stall was dirty, and there were three panels missing from the roof.

The mixture of a good donut, an uncomfortable environment, and the distance from school gives Krispy Kreme an Oregon Eating Society Rating of 6.5/10. Stay tuned.

One a different note, we would like to give a shout out to our first donors, Sophie C., Alexa T, and Annie W.  Because of their generosity, our dreams have become a reality. 

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