Update From Policy Board: 10/20/17

by Simon Hatcher

Though Policy Board didn’t meet last week as our members spread to the 4 winds for Octoberim, all have made progress towards their goals, and I have some exciting new developments to report.

Rather than working collectively, several PoBo members chose to work individually on projects that interest them, or that you, their constituents, are passionate about. Our parking “Tsarina,” Olivia Durant, continues the never-ending struggle to keep the wrong students from parking in the wrong spots. However, despite her diligent work, violations continue, which has led to interesting discussions about the effectiveness of parking consequences.

Charlie Hatcher, our freshman representative filled with hope for a bright, chocolate- milk-filled future, is working hard to initiate discussions with Kelly that will hopefully help to bring that, to quote Asa, “rich and creamy burst” back into your Friday. There are some associated complications, but the dialogue is rolling!

Annie Cheng, purveyor of honorable behavior around the Upper School, continues her work on the dorm Honor Council document. She also has played a critical role in moving along the discussion surrounding the aftermath of the sophomore cultural event. We must recognize the importance of making all our community members feel safe, and Annie is facilitating this. Admirable.

Sara Barkouli has been setting a new standard in communicating with constituents. She’s talked several times to the arts and literature groups which she represents, and heard that persistent refrain over and over again: we must have a performing arts center. Sara scheduled a meeting with and talked to Mo to discuss this project. While we have no details yet and the project is in its infancy, Mo says it’s on the list of things OES is working on, news which will no doubt brighten the day of any aspiring actor, stagecrafter, or performer in general.

Simran Jhooty, Rachel Pippenger, and Teddy Siker have worked hard in the past two weeks to get trivia ready to bring to YOU, the student. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to present our plans on Wednesday. You can hopefully expect to see them sometime next week, accompanied by a public tryout. Start preparing your (funny but appropriate) trivia!

Finally, Jennifer Lee and Ellie Chang have been discussing the ABP, or “aardvark barista project”. If you have no idea what this is, I recommend talking to your representative, since it’s a fascinating idea. There are a LOT of details and problems to work out, but the prospect of this makes our hearts leap for joy.

If you’re still reading and haven’t yet started running around the great hall proclaiming your love for StuCo members, then I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to. In the past couple weeks, I’ve worked on making sure our board members stay on track with their projects, writing this article, giving my two cents on discussions among PoBo members, and continuing to converse about follow-up conversations like Asha mentioned in gathering on Wednesday.

Now, with your heart bubbling with all the potential projects we have, go out and thank your Policy Board member.


Simon Hatcher

Policy Board Chair

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