New PoBo Student-Athlete Rep

By Charlie Norgaard

Policy Board is introducing a new addition to the OES community – this time geared towards Student-athletes.

With the introduction of our new head and assistant head of Upper school, the OES community has seen a wide variety of integral changes, especially regarding athletics. Some of the changes include modifications to rules for Student-athletes in the Rule Handbook, as well as the recent completion of the new athletic facility, “Ferris Hall”.

However, the most beneficial and impactful addition to the athletic community is the introduction of a representative on Policy Board for Student-athletes. This new representative will serve in a similar role as other Mission reps who focus on areas of Education, Arts, Literature, etc

Asha Appel, Peter Kraft, and our athletic directors, Dennis Sullivan and Missy Smith, have been coordinating with OES athletic team captains to discuss the new position. The representative will be elected in a democratic manner within the pool of captains. The representative has yet to be decided.

Head of school, Asha Appel, explained that the position will primarily focus on “including both academic and athletic communities into a more cohesive unit”. Asha emphasized that “under Dennis Sullivan and Missy Smith’s guidance, OES athletics will aim to promote the same values that are emphasized in OES academics”, and she hopes that the Athletic community will no longer be viewed as a “separate entity” from the rest of the OES community.

Given that 75% of all Upper School students partake in Fall sports alone, it’s clear that this new position will benefit a majority of all students. Although there is no clear set agenda or time commitment for the yet to be elected rep, the Athletic representative will serve as an intermediator for athletes to more easily express their concerns directly to Policy Board.

The representative will likely be elected within the coming weeks.  Those interested should stay tuned.