Echoes Writing Contest Returns

by The Echoes Committee 

Echoes, OES’s annual writing contest, is back for another year.

The contest was started nine years ago by Estelle Berger, and features Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and Screen- and Playwriting as its four categories.

Operating under the maxim “Be Heard,” Echoes has secured the likes of Brian Doyle, Andrea Stolowitz, and Melissa Madensky in recent years.

While this year’s judges for Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction have yet to be confirmed, award-winning screenwriter and OES alum Eric Mallory Morgan has agreed to judge the Screen- and Playwriting category.

The Echoes committee sent out a form where you can send in your work until the submission deadline on Wednesday, December 6.

In an awards ceremony on January 12, winners are announced, all recognized writers are congratulated, and winners and runners up come forward to share part of their work. All recognized writers also receive a Powell’s gift card.

Freshman submissions are considered for the main competition, but judges also have the option to award a special freshman prize.

Be heard!


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