Policy Board Update 11/9

by Simon Hatcher

It’s been a few weeks (junior year is a blast), but Policy Board has been busy with a number of projects, and we’re excited to discuss some recent developments in our projects.

We’ve continued to work hard in our small groups, even getting a chance to start some new projects as well.

On the vanguard of your food-related concerns are Charlie and Jennifer, who met with Kelly to discuss a two of the most common refrains of students: chocolate milk and white rice. It’s an ongoing discussion, but there seem to be some promising solutions in the works.

Annie continues to display her characteristic perseverance in working on the Dorm honor council. She, working alongside Alexis Dang and Nahshon Kruse, has drafted the Dorm Honor Council draft, which she is preparing to present to an adult audience this coming week.

Jennifer and Ellie have been working on the policy “board” as well, a creative idea to be more transparent. The “board” will involve a physical board with different members of Policy Board, the projects they’re working on, and other pertinent PoBo stuff, not to mention artsy colors. Another instance in which we can see that truly creative, hard-working minds are attracted to PoBo.

Rachel, Charlie, and Sara have taken on a new, exciting project. As a not-very-relevant-but-interesting side note: every night when I go to sleep, I see on my shelf a textbook collecting dust, never cracked even once, that set me back quite a lot when I bought it. Similar to the dust on the book, resentment has collected in my heart for such unused books and the apparent need to own them.

Lately, though, our constituents have brought this to our attention and these three are now hard at work collecting information from the student body. In what way it will manifest itself, we don’t know yet. A centralized way of buying the books of OESians past? Stricter guidelines for what makes a book required? So many ideas! Stay tuned!

Finally, our honor code group, consisting of Olivia, Jack, Simran, and I, has been hard at work. We are trying to be very methodical in designing our implementation strategies, designing clear questions that we have and clear goals for the ultimate product. Whatever implementation strategy we devise will be key in getting student buy-in for the honor code and its associated policies.

The big question is this: how can we ensure that the Honor Code isn’t lost in the pile of OES statements that most upper school students perceive as meaningless administrative jargon? To get some answers, we’ve been in talks with organizations outside the school to see about some personalized consultant work for our honor code. Exciting!

Three final things:

First, these are our main projects, but policy board members are always doing little things around the community, like talking to their constituents and raising awareness of our roles. Talk to them!

Secondly, for all you student athletes who feel like you’re on that grind but that you don’t have a rep in policy board, the new position of captain’s rep will be voted on early next week; we should have a rep by next Wednesday!

Second, we are an elected group of leaders. We want to be transparent and we ultimately want to do what we were elected to do: represent the student body and act as a liaison between students and administration. As such, we have an AMAZING opportunity for you if you’re sitting in front your screen with an issue that’s important to you. COME USE OUR OPEN SEAT. If you want to see what meetings are like, bring forward an important issue, or anything of the sort, please feel free to email me and come find a time to be with us!

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