99 Ranch Food Review

by Nicholas Chang

The Oregon Society brings you another food review!

Earlier last week, Charlie N. and I went on a Mandarin class field trip to a new local chinese market on Hall Blvd, called 99 Ranch Market. Our mission was to find items on a list given to us by our teacher. The list had a broad span of the items ranging from durian fruit to spicy frozen beef broth. To say it was a challenge is an understatement. Following the competition, which Charlie and I obviously dominated, we were given the opportunity to eat at the market buffet. Charlie grabbed some noodles and sesame chicken. I had gone a bit extreme and grabbed noodles, sesame chicken, chicken wings, and shrimp dumplings, which clocked in at approximately four and a half pounds of meat. While the chicken wings and shrimp dumplings were adequate, a solid 6.5/10 on the Oregon Eating Society scale, it was the sesame chicken that took the prize. It was life changing. The skin was crispy and excellently seasoned while the meat melted in your mouth like warm butter. If you ever want to go eat at 99 Ranch, I highly recommend grabbing a scoop of the sesame chicken.

Looking at the environment around the chicken however, could have been better. First of all, the customer service seemed a bit sketchy. When the Mandarin class was looking for a specific item on the list, Kendall D., another student in the class, asked an employee where she could find the item… in English. The employee, at first unsurprisingly, responds, “Sorry, I no speak english.” While at first we were a bit upset but understood, we continued our exploration. What stood out to me though was that later, to my disappointment, I saw the same employee talking to another employee …. in ENGLISH!!   

Unfortunately, Charlie and I were unable to take a look at the bathrooms because we were in a crunch for time. However, looking at the supermarket itself, it was alright. All the shelves seemed organized and it was not too hard too difficult locating items.

With the mixture of an amazingly delicious sesame chicken, adequate shrimp dumplings and chicken wings, I’d say 99 Ranch Market deserves a solid 8.5 / 10 on the Oregon Eating Society Scale.  

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