A Playlist for Thanksgiving Break

by Trevor Jones

In this edition of the Beat, I will be making playlist of some of my favorite songs that will help all of you take it easy during Thanksgiving Break.

Frank Ocean is an absolute MUST for any chill playlist out there. Some of his music, especially from Blonde, is perfect for unwinding.

  • Ivy (E)
  • Solo
  • Skyline To (best song on the album) (E)
  • Self Control
  • Nights
  • White Ferrari
  • Sierra Leone
  • Chanel (E)


Mac DeMarco, arguably the poster boy for the indie community, is also a non-negotiable when making relaxing playlists.

  • This Old Dog (title track, not album itself)
  • For the First Time
  • Dreams from Yesterday
  • Moonlight on the River (past 4:15 it gets weird)
  • No Other Heart


Ever since their 2010 freshman LP,  Innerspeaker, the psychedelic rock/pop group, Tame Impala, has become one of the most popular bands in the music world. When they’re not going crazy on the keyboard synths or drums, some of their music can be very calming.

  • Alter Ego
  • New Person, Same Old Mistakes
  • Nangs
  • Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
  • Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?


Now that I’ve listed my go-to songs, here are some lesser known tracks that will help you chill out:

  • “Rose Quartz” by Toro y Moi
  • “You and I” by Toro y Moi
  • “Blessa” by Toro  y Moi
  • “C U Girl” by Steve Lacy
  • “Some” by Steve Lacy
  • “Suede” (E) by NxWorries
  • “So She” by Homeshake
  • “Go Gina” (E) by SZA
  • “By Myself 9:11 EST” (E) by Sean Leon
  • “Daydreaming” by Radiohead
  • “Zodiac S**t” by Flying Lotus
  • “Momma” (E) by Kendrick Lamar
  • “The Noose of Jah City” by King Krule
  • “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire
  • “V. 3005 (Beach Picnic Version)” (E) by Childish Gambino
  • “Stuck in the Mud (feat. SZA)” (E)  by Isaiah Rashad
  • “Dressed Like Rappers” (E) by Isaiah Rashad
  • “YAH.” (E) by Kendrick Lamar
  • “The Look” by Metronomy


I’m sure a lot of you won’t listen to all of these tracks but I highly recommend that you check out at least a few. Have a great break!