The Quintessential Thanksgiving Recipes

By Nicholas Chang

For all of those dedicated Thanksgiving chefs out there, here is what the Oregon Eating Society recommends for dinner.

Keep in mind that this is a time consuming recipe and only the true chefs can accomplish this task.

The simple steps for making your turkey are: Brine, cook, serve. For this recipe, Oregon Eating Society recommends the Fire and Flavor Turkey Perfect Herb. This kit can be found on amazon for a solid $15 and comes with all the tools needed to create a delicious turkey for the family.

The product comes with:

  • Brine mix, one large brining bag, recipes and instructions
  • All natural kosher with no artificial flavors ideas
  • Gluten and nitrate free suggestions

Brining Kit

  • What you’ll need.
    • 1 package Turkey Perfect™ brine mix (included).
    • 2 cups sugar.
    • 4 quarts cold water.
    • 1 turkey (up to 25 lbs), thawed.
    • 1 zip top, single use brining bag (included).
    • 1/2 cup vinegar (apple cider or white).
    • 4 quarts ice water.

Brine the turkey directions:

  1. Dissolve brine mix, sugar and 4 quarts water in large pot over medium heat. Cool to room temperature.
  2. Place turkey (neck and giblets removed) into brine bag, breast side down, and set inside ice filled cooler or roasting pan for support. 
  3. Pour prepared brine, vinegar, and ice water into bag, seal tightly, removing excess air. 
  4. Brine in refrigerator or ice filled cooler for 1 hour per pound of turkey. 
  5. Remove from brine bag. Rinse if desired and pat dry. Brush lightly with melted butter and roast, smoke or fry. (For the crispy skin, air dry turkey in refrigerator for 1 hour prior to cooking). 8-12 lb turkey: use half of brine mix and cut recipe in half. Turkey breast/s: use half of brine mix and brine for 5 hours.

Thanksgiving Recipe.png

For all those lazy thanksgiving dinner chefs out there, don’t worry. Oregon Eating Society has the best recipes that are easy and still are somewhat mediocre in taste.

Cranberry Sauce Preparation:


  • Cranberry sauce


  1. Using a can opener, open up that can of cranberry sauce
  2. Grab a spoon and go at it.

These are the recipes Oregon Eating Society recommends for this Thanksgiving. If you still need some ideas, feel free to come talk to me and any other Eating Society staff. Stay safe and have a happy Thanksgiving!

For more information on Oregon Eating Society, please visit our webpage.

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