Top Four Unknown Artists

by Noah Wali

Here are four relatively unknown artists you must check out right now!

This week on The Dig I will be covering 4 artists you’ve probably never heard of. I will rate these 5 using a “probability to become the new hype” (1-10, 1 being there is no way this artist will ever find itself near the top 100 charts, and 10 being this artist will likely be all over the news in no time). Check it out below!  



  1. Mura Masa

Mura-Masa(On the Scene Magazine)


Mura masa (Alexander Crossan) is a british DJ who, at the age of 21, is making all sorts of music. He keeps his publicity on the low, although he does a lot of collaborations with well known artists, like A$ap Rocky on the song “Love$ick.”

Mura’s sound is unique, as he rarely sings on his songs, however his lyrics and his beats range from the hip-hop type, to electronic, all the way to indie beats. His sound captures the ears of club enthusiasts as well as soothing upbeat music.

Some songs I recommend checking out:

Personal Favorites:

Lovesick by Mura Masa Ft. Asap Rocky

Messy Love by Mura Masa

Firefly by Mura Masa and Nao

Other Songs:

Nugget by Mura Masa Ft Bonzai

All Around the World by Mura Masa Ft. Desiigner


Rating: 6.5




Below is his spotify link


  1. Jay Critch

Jay Critch

(Worldstar Hip Hop Exclusive)

Jay Critch is a 20 year old rapper born in New york city. He is signed to “Rich Forever Music”, a popular label in which many rappers are currently signed to. Critch collabs with many other popular rappers, including Rich the Kid.

Jay is an up and coming rapper and you should look for his name popping up around the rap scene pretty soon. His sound preference is trap-like, but he includes lo-fi types in some of his earlier songs. His wonky personality can be found in his music videos, often made with his other friends in the business.

Song recommendations:

Personal Favorites:

Fashion by Jay Critch Ft. Rich the Kid

Other Songs:

Did it Again by Jay Critch Ft. Rich the Kid

Speak up by Jay Critch

Started it by Jay Critch and Don Q


Rating: 9.7




Spotify Link


  1. Whitney


Whitney is a boy band with 7 members (2 most popular pictured above) from Chicago.

In my opinion, their sound and lyrics gave me a new perspective on life. In that sense, I want to let the music speak for itself.

In Whitney’s music, you will find an array of sweet, “late night drives” type of music. Take a listen.
Song Recommendations:

Personal Favorites:

No Woman by Whitney

No Matter Where We Go by Whitney

Other Songs:

The Falls by Whitney

You and Me by Whitney

Rating: 3.3


Spotify Link


  1. Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney

(The Countdown Magazine)

Mat Kearney is a rock/alternative artist born in Eugene, Oregon in 1978. Not many people know of him, and for this reason he has very loyal and loving fans.

Mat has many albums and songs, and I recommend you checking him out for his strong and talented voice as well as his special, genuine lyrical abilities.

Song Recommendations:

Personal Favorites:

New York to California by Mat Kearney

Other Songs:

Moving on by Mat Kearney

Just Kids by Mat Kearney

Hey Mama by Mat Kearney

Ships in the Night by Mat Kearney

Sooner or Later by Mat Kearney

Count on Me by Mat Kearney

She got the Honey by Mat Kearney

Girl America by Mat Kearney


Rating: 5.0


Spotify Link


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