A Music Playlist for Finals Week

By Noah Wali

Here is a short playlist that’ll help you get through the stressful days ahead.

Coming up is one of the most stressful weeks of the school year. Here is a playlist of some songs you need for finals. Whether you need to relax, get hyped, or just be happy, I compiled some excellent choices for whatever your heart desires.


Included are short descriptions for the top four songs.  


  • Relax your mind by Saito


Here is a great, simplistic, repetitive beat to get your neurons flowing!

  1.  Dead Albatross by Psymun and Chester Watson (EXPLICIT)

This is a great low-key rap song to clear your mind and get in your feels real quick.

  1. Excuse me by A$ap Rocky (EXPLICIT)

Listen close for a vibey, lyrical, and magical song. This song is telling you to just get your work done, it will pay off in the future. Study up.

  1. God by Kendrick Lamar  (Explicit)

A quality, sad beat type of song to make you think about your purpose of life.


  1. Pastries by Psymun, Damacha, and Bohemian Wolff


  1. Rosana by Wax


  1. Drug Dealers Anonymous by  Pusha T and Jay Z


  1. Loud Pipes by Ratatat


  1. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam


  1. From Here by Louis the Child


  1. Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson


  1. Step by Vampire Weekend


  1. Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones


  1. Green Eyes by Coldplay

  2. Angela by The Lumineers


  1. Live From The Gutter by Drake and Future


  1. Foreplay by Jalen Santoy


  1. I Got U by Duke Dumont and Jax Jones


  1. Sunday Best by Augustana

One thought on “A Music Playlist for Finals Week

  1. I recommend anything by the chillstep artist “Kodomo” also. Or “Emancipator” (especially the “Dusk To Dawn” and “Soon it will be cold enough” albums).

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