How to Procrastinate During Finals (feat. Sports)

by Asa Brown

Finals are imminent, so most of us will probably be pretty busy this weekend. But, if you need a break and want to deluge in sporting events, I have you covered. Here, just in case you need to procrastinate, is every (remotely) notable sporting event this weekend

Saturday, 4:30 am

West Ham vs Chelsea

Start your day off right! Catch some Premier League action bright and early. Emphasis on early. 

Saturday, 6:30 am

Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen

The only reason this game is of any importance to anyone in the Western Hemisphere is Christian Pulisic, the 19-year-old American who is already the best on the National Team, which, as we know from our complete inability to qualify for the World Cup, means relatively little. Let’s move on. 

All Day Saturday:

College Basketball Action

There are over 100 D-I games, all with their own storylines. Keep an eye on #1 Duke, who will be on upset alert @ Boston College.  

Saturday, 12:00 pm

Army vs Navy  

This is can’t miss college action. In the 118th meeting, Army and Navy face off in what looks to be a historically close game. If you watch one game on this list, this is it. Bonus: snow is in the forecast.

Saturday, 1:00 pm

Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders FC

MLS championship. Winner take all. ‘Nuff said.

Saturday, 5:00 pm

Cleveland vs Philadelphia (NBA)

The current and future kings of the Eastern Conference meet in Cleveland. Either Cleveland fully reinstates their position as clear frontrunners in the East, or the Process bears fruit.

Saturday, 7:00 pm

Houston vs Portland

Nestled in between the Willamette River and I-5, Portland meets MVP frontrunner James Harden and the red-hot Rockets.

Sunday, 8:30 am

Manchester United vs Manchester City

Man City is atop the table and Man U is 2nd in this crosstown rivalry. To illustrate their dominance, they have scored a combined 81 goals while allowing only 19 this season. This should be a barn-burner.

Sunday, 10:00 am

Vikings vs Panthers

Trevor asked me to put this one in.

Sunday, 11:00 am

Kansas vs Arizona State

#2 vs #16

Sunday 1:25 pm

Eagles vs Rams

The Eagles (10-2) face the Rams (9-3) in a possible NFC championship preview.

Sunday 1:25 pm

Seahawks vs Jaguars

This plans to be a sneakily good game. The Seahawks (8-4) travel to Jacksonville (8-4) in yet another game the features two of the NFL’s strongest teams.

Sunday, 5:00 pm

Gonzaga vs Washington (College Basketball)

Washington faces Gonzaga fresh off a huge upset of #2 Kansas.


Hopefully you’ll be well stocked with sports this weekend.

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