It’s Freezing Outside.

by Mason Lee

The weather today was almost as cold as Quavo’s new chain (wow, neat Pop Culture reference Mason!)!

I woke up at 1 AM to put on a Snuggie™ and made myself some warm cocoa. With all of this cold weather, there’s a pretty solid chance of there being some ice on the ground, and some snow in the sky… or also on the ground with the ice yeah okay glad we got that figured out. I am here to let you know how to be prepared for the cold this winter.

With the stress of finals the OES student body is ITCHING for a couple of days off, due to some potential inclement weather. Trevor J, class of ‘19 says, “I just want a snow day to take some me time and relax a little bit. Maybe watch some Planet Earth and eat some Nutella™ toast.”. Boy does that sound nice Trev! Movies are an excellent way to relax, and unravel during times of stress! Neat!

Another way to destress that may seem a little bit less traditional is taking artistic advantage of the snow. Noah W ’20, says, “I want to get out into the city and take some pictures of snowy Portland. Last year I was out of town during the snowstorm, so this year I’m excited to snag some pics!” Wow!

While there isn’t any snow suggested for the next week there are predicted temperatures as low as 28 degrees. I’m sharing this with you because there was not one occasion between the months of August and November that I was seen at soccer practice with fewer than seven sweatshirts on, so if you don’t see me at school for the next, oh, 180 days, it’s because I’ve retreated back into bed and plan to stay there for the foreseeable future.

‘Til next time. 

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