Top 6 Study Tips for Finals

By Nicholas Chang

As a junior, I have 2 years of experience of studying for finals under my belt. Maybe you have your own studying routine, but here is what The Dig recommends. For the record, The Dig does recommend studying for finals, especially to all the freshmen out there.

First of all, the human brain was never meant to work for seven hours straight. Therefore, we recommend that you study in intervals. This means that you should study hard for maybe 2-2.5 hours, then take an hour/hour-and-a-half break. By doing so, you are rewarding yourself for all the hard work you put into studying. This gives your brain a chance to relax and not over-work itself. Plus, you will be able to retain much more knowledge by doing so.

Second, turn off your cell phone. We here at The Dig know how hard it is to ignore a notification from snapchat or even your fantasy football team. Unless it is an emergency, IT CAN WAIT. If you turn off your phone, or even silence it while you study, you won’t be distracted therefore being more efficient. We here at The Dig cannot stress the importance of this study tip. If you check your phone, you may want to check instagram, then watch a video, then check your fantasy league. Next thing you know, three hours have passed and you haven’t done any studying. Just make sure that you are not distracted while you study.

The next tip is simple: sleep. We don’t mean sleep all day, we mean go to bed on time and wake up at a reasonable hour. Don’t study until 4:30 am and then wake up at 5 am to get back to studying. By not getting any sleep, all that mental garbage in your head is gonna stay there and all the studying you just did for the past 5 hours will be for nothing. Also with this tip, don’t think coffee is a solution. I know coffee is a wonderful gift from the heavens, but it won’t help you with finals. Sure, it may give you energy, but studying at 4:30 am hyped up on coffee and redbull will be worthless. Plus, mixing redbull and coffee is proven to be very dangerous.

Next is prioritize. We all know that we have easy classes and hard classes. When it comes down to which class your going to study for, you need to know which class is worth prioritizing. Of course every class is important, but a student is better off studying more for a CT history test than a PE in-class essay. No disrespect on Coleen by the way. You readers should by now understand what we mean. Prioritize what classes need the most preparing.

The next tip, which may be one of the most important tips on this list, is to meet with your teachers. On Monday, when we have office hours, utilize that time to meet with the teachers of the midterms you are most stressed about. Ask them anything, teachers want you to succeed. Even if they don’t act like it, deep down, they really do. These questions you ask them can be anything from what the test will look like, to asking for some more study material. We here at The Dig cannot stress this enough, teachers want their students to succeed and students won’t succeed unless they are prepared.

Finally, study with friends. I know you may think that friends may distract you, but if you are all determined to get that A on the test, you guys will do great. Studying with your friends may mean going over to each others house, meeting up at starbucks, or even going to the community board sponsored study hall on Sunday, which by the way is a great time to meet up with teachers. By working with each other, you guys are building off of each others ideas, helping each other learn the material, and still socializing with friends.

Here are The Dig’s 6 tips to success on your midterms. We know that if you study, put the effort in, and go into the tests confident, you will succeed. You heard it here first on The Dig, thanks for reading.

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