Men’s Lacrosse Alumni Game

By Max Fitzloff

On Thursday of last week, several generations of OES men’s lacrosse players gathered on the OES turf, ready for battle.

Ranging from players from the class of 2009, to current freshmen, all ages were present. The alumni outnumbered the current boys team 2-1, and according to Chris Hochgesang, the alums would have outnumbered them even more had the game been at a more convenient time. With few subs available, the current team started the game slow to save energy. The alum team took the lead early and the outcome was looking grim for the young guns. After a few better possessions, the current players pulled themselves together before the half. With the help of 2017 graduates, Henry Morissette and Leo Ponce, OES was able to get a few more in the back of the net. The game ended close, but the alums still went home with a W.

The first class of OES men’s lacrosse players graduated in 1995, and the first alumni game took place in 2012. Since then, there have been quite a few alumni games, most of which took place during the summer. This year was different however, according to one alum, the game felt as though it was based around the schedules of the current players, and because of this many of the older players working regular jobs were unable to attend.

When looking at the broader picture of the game, Dennis Sullivan found it to be a great opportunity for today’s team to connect with the greats that came before them. The game was a time for the older players to convey how important the community as a whole is to them. Chris Hochgesang explained that when a class of OES men’s lacrosse players graduate, they are added to a Facebook group containing each and every player before them. Messages regarding the success of past players in college and updates on the current team are passed through the network keeping the boys connected no matter where they end up after OES.

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