Ski Team: The Rebirth

By Asa Brown

Life moves in cycles. Things live, things die, and things are reborn. This year, ski team is experiencing a rebirth. A renaissance.

 Whether we are making fools of ourselves on the field or overpopulating the weight room, ski team has been working. Ready to respond after a disappointing year, where we finished 3rd to last as a team in State, and lost three varsity upperclassmen, we are back. In a recent state race, both the boys and the girls finished second out of this district, both behind Jesuit.

The girls can shred. Although they lost to Jesuit, the money is still on the girls to make a historic run. After barely having two members last season, the girls have quietly become favorites to win the district. The Girls are led by junior, Sami W., who was the consensus best skier in the district last season. Nastassia G., straight off a training spree in Germany, and Grace W. The back end was held down by a thicket of underclassmen who arrived just in time. Sydney R and Isabelle T have ended their deliberations, and joined the team. Paired with two freshman, Genevieve B and Grace A. This girls team finally has the depth that it deserves. And what’s more, they have the team unity to go with their talent. When asked for quotes about ski team, they responded with eerily similar answers: “Ski Team is the best… part of my life”, “Ski Team is great and fun and good family time”, and “We are a bunch of weirdos that make up a family.” There are big expectations for the girls this year.

The boys also placed second out of the district teams, but the margin appears to be much different. As Sami W put it last year when I interviewed her, “The truth is that state is a race where it is anyone’s game. You could have dominated every race and you just mess up and lose it”. So, the boys are cautiously optimistic. Captaining the helm this year we have Alex M, who leads by example. Our fastest skier is Hugh S. After turning out an impressive Freshman year, all the signs remain to point up for Hugh. He finished 9th in the state at our recent race. Helping Hugh and Alex round out the top three is Ian R, who although consistently crashes, is helping us get VETEMENTS x RABID jackets next year. Brian G and Henry G are two upperclassman that provide some skilled depth this year. Following them, are Ian B and myself, who are seemingly identical out on the slopes. After that is Lincoln D, team photographer, and Luke S, team snowboarder. And finally, there is Jackson S and Matt L, are great additions to the team this year, except for one thing, they don’t know how to ski.

As of now, the OES Ski Team has taken down Tigard, Cleveland, Sunset, West Linn, Grant, Tualatin, Beaverton, Southridge, Newberg, Wilson, and Westview. Not a shabby start.