Policy Board Update 1/12

by Simon Hatcher

It’s been a long time since my last update, but, wherever the fault is, the fact remains that these Dig updates were given a shoutout in gathering a while ago and I haven’t released one in a while. In my defense, I have an excellent excuse…

THE POLICY BOARD2  IS UP, which is to say that the policy board board is finally gracing your corneas as you enter the Great Hall. Right behind the couches, the board, created by Policy Board members Jen and Ellie, is an excellent way of figuring out what your PoBo representative is doing. Along with some lovely photos of all our members, the board features a cleverly designed pocket for suggestions and a calendar for lunch meetings of various groups. The board will be frequently updated to assuage your persistent fears about the supposed secrecy of Policy Board meetings. To top it all off, Jen and Ellie hand-replicated the American Horror Story font for the board’s title, resulting in an assertive masterpiece of policy board awareness efforts. Thanks Jen and Ellie!

Teddy Siker and Charles Hatcher have been dipping their feet in the murky, potentially deadly seas of online grading. Here at OES (as I’m sure you know since you are presumably here at OES), grades are a terrifying concept to the vast majority of the student body. Some students enjoy the idea of being able to monitor their grades online to keep themselves on track. On the other hand, issues surrounding the encroachment on privacy of grades by parents and issues of obsessive online grade checking cannot be underestimated as detriments to the emotional health and safety of the student body. Charles and Teddy aim to gather more information on the issue and discuss ideas. They, with the help of other members, have also gone back and looked at the problems that online grading would be a solution for, and then looked at other possible solutions. Stay tuned.

I was going to try to save the best news for last, but I can’t. PoBo has a new member since my last update! Megan Ruoff has joined PoBo, already lending her ideas to the conversations surrounding diversity in sports, a critical issue at OES right now.

The Honor Code group has been hard at work as well, especially concerning ideas surrounding restorative justice and discipline. We’re also preparing for a big Honor Code conference in Atlanta, which will be an excellent opportunity to share our ideas with other schools and get new ideas as well.

Annie is progressing steadily on her Dorm HC work, which is ready to be put into practice. She’s working with dorm parents to make sure this happens at the right time.

Two final things:

  1. If you see my little bro, give him a hand; Charles halved the price of Kit Kats in the vending machine when they were hiked up. Disaster averted!

  2. We have a weekly progress report which members fill out so we all are accountable for our work over the past week. There’s an option to submit a short paragraph for me to put in these articles so that you know what’s going on as a constituent. Usually this gets no responses (much to my chagrin), but Rachel was kind enough to fill this out this week, writing, “im dyin scoob” We all thank her for such an insightful comment on junior year.

Y’all take care now, ‘hear?

Simon H.

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